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110 Lasher Avenue
Germantown, NY 12526    
Tel: 518-537-3815
email: farm@turkanafarms.com
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Now in its eleventh year  Turkana Farms, LLC, is a small scale producer of heritage breed livestock and a wide array of vegetables and berries on just over 39 acres in Germantown, New York. Under the stewardship of Peter Davies and Mark Scherzer, the farm is dedicated to sustainable agriculture and eschews the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, growth enhancers,  and antibiotics. Our approach can best be described as artisanal rather than industrial. Turkana  Farm practices include:

**** pastured rather than closely confined livestock, all raised in a humane manner

**** locally produced feed grains (organic when practicable) rather than commercial mixes,

**** healthful growing conditions to maintain poultry and livestock health, rather than routine use of antibiotics and other medications,

**** natural, composted manures from our own animals rather than chemical fertilizers,

For  additional information on the farm and its practices  please consult our blog, AgriCulture, appearing weekly on www.ruralintelligence.com.


We sell meat products from our karakul sheep, British White beef cattle, Ossabaw Island pigs, heritage breed Turkeys, geese, and ducks, as well as meat chickens and French guinea fowl. We also sell eggs from our Rhode Island Red chickens.

Additionally we produce a full array of garden vegetables, many of them heirloom varieties, raised naturally, as well as an assortment of berries: including raspberries, blackberries, goose berries, black, red, and white currants, mulberries and elderberries.


Each week we send  out to our e-mail subscription list  the TURKANAFARMS GREEN E-MARKET BULLETIN announcing our available products (with an advance copy of our weekly blog post).  If you wish to be included on our mailing list please contact us at farm@turkanafarms.com or by phone at 518-537-3815. Farm products may be picked up either at the farm in Germantown (weekends) or at our loft in Lower Manhattan (Monday or Tuesday). Farm visits are encouraged but we do request that you call to make arrangements first.